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Обращение руководителя

Dear colleagues!

mlk-4427 OOO "KRES-Alliance" - a company founded in 2008 to coordinate the work of electricity suppliers "Kolenergosbyt" and LLC "KRES". Today KRES-Alliance effectively performs the functions of strategic management for the most important enterprises of the Murmansk region, is actively developing its own as energokonsaltingovaya company, offering consumers an impressive range of services and taking an active part in designing and implementing large-scale projects that affect the economy of the entire region.

KRES-Alliance - is, first and foremost, a team of highly skilled professionals focused on the wide range of tasks in the field of management and consultancy in the energy sector at a level corresponding to modern challenges and requirements. Although KRES-Alliance is basically a regional company and is engaged in the problems of the Murmansk region, its experts and its projects are well-known and at the federal level.

One of the most promising projects, in our opinion, is the organization of cross-border trade in electricity in the Kola Peninsula. We have developed the concept of the project involves the construction of an energy bridge between the power of the Murmansk region and the Nordic countries. Despite the many difficulties of formal feasibility of the project in the near future and confirms Russian and Scandinavian partners.

Murmansk region, in addition to the excess electricity, and has significant wind potential. Therefore, our company is involved in the development of wind energy in the region. So, in 2011 he signed the first contract in Russia for the purchase of a supplier of electricity generated by wind turbines. However, before the actual implementation of projects in the field of wind energy is far - requires the creation of favorable conditions and the adoption of special regulations for the development of "green" energy in general.

In 2010 we entered the market of energy services. This also applies pretty basic, but very sought after service today for replacement and installation of electricity meters, audit-house networks, the design of the internal power supply. For legal entities, we offer more serious decisions - calculation of individual parameters of energy consumption, output on the wholesale market. In order to improve literacy and professionalism of Housing and Energy, as well as partnerships, we organize seminars and conferences for contractors.

KRES-Alliance in its work based on the experience of leading Russian and international energy supply and management companies, is actively pursuing the position of its managed electricity suppliers and strives to improve all of the processes. Prospects of development of the company we see in increasing the professional level of our specialists, the quality of services and most importantly - to increase influence on decisions in the power sector in the region and at the federal level. We are ready to exert maximum efforts for the successful completion of the thorny path of reforming the sector and implementation started in recent years, projects for the benefit of our customers and the Murmansk region.

Sincerely, General Director of "KRES-Alliance"




183038, г. Мурманск, ул. Коминтерна, 5
тел. (8152) 692-359 факс (8152) 692-421

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