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KRES-Alliance Llc. is a company providing energy industry consulting services to and strategic management of power suppliers in the Murmansk region – OJSC Kolenergosbyt and KRES Llc.

Our company arranges seminars and conferences to employees of counteragents of OJSC Kolenergosbyt and KRES Llc., takes measures to develop a unified billing system, participates in trading and investment projects, related to export-import relations development. One of the promising activities is project design in the sphere of renewable energy resources, wind power in particular.

For more than three years KRES-Alliance has been effectively managing power providing companies, supplying with energy practically the whole territory of the Murmansk region.

OJSC Kolenergosbyt (Kola power supplying company) is the largest power supplier, guaranteeing supplier in the Murmansk region. The company’s main activity is to provide consumers with electric energy.

On October 01, 2005 Kolenergosbyt became an independent market subject of the Kola power grid, when the company was founded as a result of reorganization of OJSC Kolenergo. Since foundation Kolenergosbyt has been one of the key hubs of the Kola power grid, providing fail-safe and effective cooperation between power consumers and generators. Being the subject of the wholesale market, Kolenergosbyt is an active participant of the energy and capacity market in general, including energy purchase in the wholesale market and energy delivery to the end consumer. More than 180 employees contribute to reliable and effective work of the company.

More than 44 thousand people and 4.6 thousand legal entities are Kolenergosbyt’s consumers. Large and medium-size companies, budget organizations, enterprises of the housing and public utility services sector and key customers of the company. Consolidated balance forecast in 2010 was equal to 8.173 billion kWh.


kresKRES Llc. is a power supplying company within practically all power lines in the region.

KRES’s strategic goal is to become a leading power supplying and billing company in the housing and communal services sphere, providing complex services in the sector of power supply and settlements for housing and public utility services.

KRES is present in towns with numerous consumers, including budget organizations, small and medium size enterprises, and individual entrepreneurs. More than 4.8 thousand legal entities are KRES’s costumers. Annual volume of electricity net supply in 2010 amounted to 1,148 billion kWh.



At the present moment the companies control more than 80 % of energy deliveries in the region, which is equal to 11 billion kWh per annum. The companies have favourable performance indicators due to the fact that they are managed from a unified centre – KRES-Alliance.


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