Heat Supply

Heat Supply

Among the types of fuel used in the Murmansk region for the production of thermal energy is dominated by fuel oil and coal. Sources of heating municipalities mostly redundant by installed thermal power boilers, which causes no deficit in the generation of thermal energy and satisfaction in her current requirements from existing customers. However, the deterioration of the main generating equipment of boiler and heat distribution pipeline systems is large enough and requires annual capital expenditures to maintain them in good technical condition.

The main areas of increase of efficiency of heat supply systems of municipalities of the Murmansk region are:

  • increasing the efficiency of heating sources;
  • reduction in specific fuel consumption (more efficient use of fuel);
  • reduction of losses of heat transmission;
  • increased efficiency of thermal energy consumption by consumers;
  • improvement of the environment.

    In order to reduce the cost of production of thermal energy by avoiding expensive types of primary fuels (mainly oil) in the Murmansk region is planned to implement as the major investment projects for the modernization of existing municipal heating systems entities (including the value of inter-municipal) and local heating systems of small municipalities.

    A significant number of heat supply systems of settlements of the Kola district receive the heat from the electric boiler. Due to the limited increase in tariffs for heat and electricity market liberalization has created a situation in which the price of letting go of electric boiler heat 2-3 times behind the cost of production and, accordingly, boiler no funds to pay for electricity consumed. All suppliers of electricity can not restrict power supply to boiler data, resulting in a hopeless debt collection.

    The way out of this situation is to create a program for the elimination of tariff imbalances, one of the components of which - the development of an action plan for the modernization of heat sources, determining the amount and sources of funding, financing and formation control over the expenditure of funds for modernization. Currently KRES-Alliance is working to build the above programs. It is created KRES-Alliance together with the Petrozavodsk State University, "National Research University" Higher School of Economics ", LLC" Energoresurs-STE "Moscow Power Engineering Institute, Institute of Geology, Karelian Research Centre, RAS, Joint Institute for High Temperatures, VNIIAES and other leading institutions of the country . The program has developed a инновационный project to build high-performance heating system based on the accumulation of heat in the village Tuloma.





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