Development of projects related to renewable energy sources, particularly wind energy is a promising activity "KRES-Alliance." At the present time between LLC "KRES-Alliance" and JSC "Wind Power AS" signed a memorandum on cooperation in the development and implementation of projects for the construction of wind power stations in the Murmansk region. The urgency of the implementation of projects in this area due to the need to improve the energy efficiency of Russia's GDP, energy consumption is 3 times higher energy intensity of GDP of developed European countries.

In 2011, guaranteeing the electricity supplier of Murmansk region "Kolenergsbyt" with the support of "KRES-Alliance" signed the first contract for the purchase of electricity generated by a single wind turbines in the region.

Wind turbine owned by JSC "Wind Power AS", commissioned in 2001 and is a Danish turbine manufacturer WINCON. This wind turbine is an experimental platform for the development of wind energy in the region.

In the balance of power "Kolenergosbyt" share "green" energy is less than percent. However, the conclusion of a contract for the supply of "Wind Power AS" has a high value as a pilot, a pilot project for the supply of alternative energy suppliers. As part of the contract have been worked out all issues related to the practical operation of these installations on the territory of Russia. Thus, the micro model is constructed of future wind farms. According to the research professionals of the Kola Scientific Center RAS in the Murmansk region a huge wind potential. Therefore, the work done is of high importance for the development of "green" energy in the region.

Talking about large-scale sales of electricity generated from renewable energy sources, it is difficult, but in the long term, after the adoption of key government resolution regulating the activities of generation from renewable energy sources, and with the support of the Government of Murmansk field situation may change. Establish a mechanism for the installation, operation of wind turbines and the purchase and sale of wind energy will be projected on large projects such as the project to build a wind farm near the settlement. Teriberka.

In the autumn of 2010 between the company "KRES-Alliance" and ZAO "Windlife Arctic Power" is the initiator of the construction project vetroparaka, it signed a preliminary contract for the sale of electricity. March 3, 2011 a meeting between "KRES-Alliance", "Atomenergomash" and IFC (International Finance Corporation), in which the management of the Murmansk region power companies confirmed their intentions on cooperation with JSC "Windlife Arctic Power" and the development of alternative energy.

Alternative energy - one of the most interesting and one of the most promising industries. LLC "KRES-Alliance" is directly involved, and support development projects, harnessing the potential of wind energy in the Murmansk region in cooperation with regional and municipal authorities and public organizations.




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